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Swiss Invest Selection Group AG method

The extensive method of the Swiss Invest Selection Group AG for the selection of first-class portfolio managers brings our customers unique advantages, such as

  • Independent and neutral selection of first-class portfolio managers
  • Flexible and cost-optimized placement of assets
  • Permanent integrated controlling


Independent and neutral selection
We achieve above average and long-term investment results using our structured selection process for asset placement. Our “Multi Manager” selection process considers banks, asset managers and specialized financial institutions that have met our high performance and risk allocation requirements over a long period of time. The Swiss Invest Selection Group AG never acts as an asset manager itself and thus guarantees clients an independent and neutral selection without conflicts of interest. By placing your assets with several portfolio managers, you achieve a broad diversification of portfolio allocations, which further reduces the customer's risk. From the current market overview of over 100 portfolio managers, we filter out the six most promising portfolio managers in a three-stage process. Custody and account management is generally carried out at leading Swiss banks, which are all members of the Swiss Bankers Association. If you want a very specific banking partner, we can also support you.


Flexible and cost-optimized placement
The Swiss Invest Selection Group AG “Multi Manager” selection process is the basis for your flexible asset placement and is based on our permanent portfolio monitoring with regard to the respective security and return expectations. If portfolio managers do not achieve the expected results in terms of return and risk, the asset placements can be adjusted. You will be supported by our method and our independence. Our selected portfolio managers often also invest in institutional financial products, which means that the costs for clients are lower. The reduced costs bring a direct increase in performance for your portfolio without increasing the risk.


Permanent and integrated controlling
Using powerful controlling instruments in the interests of our customers, the portfolios as well as your personal investment coordination are monitored. With our method, we ensure that you achieve optimal performance for the risk you have taken - compared to the market. The previous performance figures of our selected portfolio managers show the success of this concept over a long period of time.