Which risk profile suits my investment style?
Before a consultation, you should consider the following questions, which we will clarify further in a personal conversation:

  • What are my investment goals?
  • Which risk profile (fluctuation range) am I willing to accept?
  • What investment horizon in years do I see as realistic?
  • What personal life and financial planning requirements do I have to consider?

Which portfolio managers are ideal for my financial goals?
The selection of portfolio managers is based on strict rules and is the result of a detailed review by around 100 portfolio managers. The composition of the portfolio manager can change over time. We would be happy to explain the advantages of this flexible investment concept to you in person.


What products and what risk are associated with the systems?
Some of the selected portfolio managers use very different investment strategies. Due to this broad diversification of investment styles and the products involved, we can respond very flexibly to your investment and risk needs. Questions that we will take up in a personal conversation with you are:

  • Which investment philosophy do I want to consider?
  • What risk orientation do I allow a manager to take?
  • Which products may / may not be included?
  • Which manager mix suits me best?

How does our controlling work?
The managerial results are created monthly as a rough screening process and at least quarterly in their full breadth and depth. This gives us a very good picture of how the individual managers behave towards the overall market. We specifically check the performance, the risk and the products involved. The managers' final assessment is always based on a parallel fundamental assessment of the markets and their trend development. We answer the following questions:

  • Are the investment objectives being achieved?
  • Which risk profile is implemented by the manager?
  • What product mix does the manager use?
  • How far is the distribution of assets between the individual managers correct?
  • What adjustments, if any, are necessary in the asset allocation?

Why is our “Investment Consulting” concept so impressive?
As portfolio consultants, we protect our clients' assets. We control a network of the best financial service providers and asset managers, to whom we always keep the necessary distance. We make recommendations based on our own studies and market analyzes, which we record, analyze and document using a specially developed analysis system. This significantly reduces the risk of wrong decisions. Without a broad cross-comparison, it is practically impossible for individual investors to objectively assess the performance of their asset managers. Our Investment Consulting offers precisely this cross-comparison and can thus be of great benefit in making the investment of assets transparent and successful.